Author: Karin Westdyk Illustrator: Katharina Pachta


Karin Westdyk is a former teacher, an environmental journalist, editor, and activist. She has authored many articles on environmental issues as well as chapters in books about renewable energy. Karin has lived in Belize since 2008 where she maintains a small sustainable homestead with a focus on indigenous plants and trees. She currently writes articles for the Belize AgReport, a magazine with a strong voice for regenerative agriculture, serves on the Board of Directors of Pro-Organic Belize, facilitates a program to help children stay in school and another to provide solar energy for families with no electricity. In 2012, Karin published and illustrated her first children‘s book titled Flidgywumper, where she introduced the main character in this book. Her inspiration comes from the 8 children she raised, her 10 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

"I feel strongly that to give children hope - and we must - it is important to show them how to affect change. Make a plan and follow through.“

katharina pachta

Katharina Pachta studied art and graphic design in her native country Austria, working as a design artist for several years before leaving a successful job in exchange for a back pack and a nomadic lifestyle. She has been exploring and experiencing different cultures over the last few years trekking throughout Europe, Central, and South America, bringing and using her artistic talents with her and finding nature to be her greatest inspiration. While exploring the many cultures in the tiny country of Belize, known for its incredible diversity and pristine environment, she met Karin and eagerly chose the opportunity to lend her talents to Flidgywumper Saves the Seas, a children’s book project to promote preservation, encourage protection of our natural resources, and inspire action toward finding solutions.

“This was a perfect project for me to be able to express my art in a meaningful way toward affirming my deep concern and respect for the natural world. I strongly believe in solutions and seek them wherever I find myself.”

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